What payment options do you accept ?

We accept following payment options:

Visa, MasterCard, American express, Klarna pay now, Klarna Pay later, Klarna  Finance (pay in several instalments), Paypal, G-pay, Shop-pay.
Are your products containers recyclable ?

Yes, both the glass jar and plastic container are recyclable.

After I have placed and paid my order what happens next ?

We will handle your order right away, when its ready we

will hand over your shipping order to the delivery company
You will receive an email with a tracking number at the same
time so you can follow your shipping order all the way to you.

If I change my mind, can I cancel my order ?


You will always have 14 days to cancel the purchase as the date when you received the products that you ordered.

When return a product You are responsible for the shipping cost yourself and it is important that the products is not used before a return take place. The products must be unused with the seal unbroken and in their original box. If the seal is broken, a refund does not apply. ( Sealing means if a product box came with protective plastic around the packaging it neds to be intact, if a jar came with a sealing emblem it neds to be intact. ) Upon return it is very important that the product is returned in an undamaged original packaging and that all possible accessories the products came with. Feel free to use the original cardboard box order in as outer packaging when returning. Pack your return well and send your package traceable. Mark the return clearly with Natàlja Bohème Cosmetics, add a note where your name and email appear and send the package to:

Natàlja Bohème Cosmetics

BOX 638,

Renstiernas gata 23,

116 31 Stockholm


How can I contact you ? 

You can contact us with the contact formula on the contact page or:

Email: support@nataljaboheme.com

If you want to send something to us, this is our postal address:

Natalja Boheme Cosmetics, Box 638, Renstiernas gata 23

116 31 Stockholm, Sweden

How Is the collection of Snail mucin being done ?

It is collected from the track left behind the snail and without any harm are being done, all in a peaceful environment. Our products are also certified Cruelty free.

How often do you recommend to apply the products ?

Twice a day, the best time to moisturise are in the morning after your shower and just before you go to bed in the evening after your face is cleansed. Try to apply the products when the skin is still little moist from the cleaning. Start with our serum, let skin absorb it for a short time then apply the moisturising Nordic Ant-Age & Repair Cream.

What is the difference between Serum and Skin cream ?

Serum is a long-term repair preparation as it goes deeper into the skin layers where it repairs the skin from the inside out, from which it takes a little longer before you see result than with the skin cream that settle on the upper skin layers and you see a faster result. For best result, it is recommended to use both the serum and the skin cream together for the reconstruction of deeper and upper skin layers.